Inclusive and holistic education was the philosophical core of the vision that St. Chavara expounded, when he established the Carmelites of Mary Immaculate. CMI educational institutions have always strived to live up to this ideal set by its founder patron and the result is evident, with the congregation standing tall in the educational arena of not just the state but the country and even beyond. St. Joseph’s Academy shares this pride and responsibility and so it is simultaneously an honour and a challenge to be the principal of this centre of learning and excellence. Here, we strive as a team to ensure the all round development of our students, as that is the true aim of education, catering to the body, mind and the spirit. It is our consistent perseverance that has brought us to its present status and we do not wish to march ahead, instead we intend to leap ahead, facing the challenges of the future with added energy and enthusiasm.

Covid-19 has shaken the foundations of the familiar pedagogic practices, the New Education Policy proposes radical changes and the needs and requirements of the young generation of learners are changing like never before. These, to us, are not challenges, but opportunities to explore, establish and lead the way to a luminous future. To spearhead the changes is our mission; to conquer the heights of excellence is our goal and to integrate learning into the moulding of virtuous personality is our endeavour. The blessings of The Almighty, the guidance of St. Chavara, the support and motivation of CMI St. Joseph’s Province, the efficiency and team work of the faculty members and the vibrant enthusiasm of the young learners at the Academy- these are the firm assets that serve as the launching pad for us to Fly high in Excellence